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Our next pair of singles-- Ugly Pop takes a quick break from reissues and foreign stuff, returning to our roots with a couple of killer current Canadian hardcore singles. One price gets you both records!

PROXY – Slow Suicide b/w Lawless 45 (UP047)
The latest product of an ever-fertile Montreal scene, leather, bristles, studs and poutine merchants PROXY blow down doors with this second single, a massive slab of raw, hook-laden hardcore punk. Side one's an instant classic in the spirit of UK82, Motorhead and early Leatherface; all gutteral vocals, dirty riffs and a searing solo over pure brickwall melody, while the flip puts pedal to metal for a quick blast of driving hardcore recalling the likes of primo GBH, Discharge and One Way System. Seriously a killer record.

VALLEY BOYS – Drone Attack EP (UP048)
Toronto's VALLEY BOYS speed through four tracks of hyperactive punk here, frenetic tempos, desperate vocals and some tasty guitar work placing this solidly in the tradition of early '80s hardcore. “Drone Attack” is no one-dimensional thrashfest, however; these veterans deliver memorable songs and relentless energy that sets this apart from any number of generic contemporary rehash outfits, and there's real character here. While sounding like no one exactly, this is exemplary trad hardcore that would fit in nicely with the likes of The Fix, early Poison Idea and The Germs LP.