Oi! The Scrapbook POSTPAID IN US



***These are sold out, but I have ONE COPY with a creased front cover— nothing really major, but only listing it now, for $5 off the previous price.*** If It shows as available here, you can safely order it. Once it sells, it will say SOLD OUT.

Very pleased to announce North American distribution for the massive new book from the people who brought you ‘Here Comes The New Punk’

OI! THE SCRAPBOOK Vol. 1 - (1975 to 1980)
Bloody great book with cuttings and stuff from punk and Oi! bands from the mid 70's to the 80s. An Illustrated history of British Oi! and new punk featuring cuttings, magazine covers, flyers, diary entries, news, reviews, interviews and other archive memorabilia. A must for any good Oi! and punk collector!!!!

Over 1,000 illustrations
Huge 8.5” x 11” size format
430 pages

Sold Out